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I know I’m very late on
discussing this and it’s definitely not at all unique in the blogosphere since
I’ve read a great deal of posts (albeit very different posts) discussing the
recent political debates, but this post – yes mentioning these things – isn’t
meant to be based entirely on that (or trying to shove my views down your necks
– so please don’t take any of this as a dig).

Despite the odd and kind of
depressing news of the world, for example the recent political outcomes, that’s
been bombarding us all recently, I’ve actually found myself really inspired and
happy by the support and love that is now arising between a lot of us. Sure I
know it’s slightly biased because I’m friends with/follow on social media, the
people that have likeminded views to me and therefore I’m only seeing part of
the picture. And sure, the outcomes of the recent elections have proven that
most of the world has the opposite views to me… 
However, trying to stay positive, when reading tweets, blogs or
Instagram posts, as well as chatting with friends and family, I find myself
quite uplifted by the support that people are now displaying.

It seems to have woken us up a
bit and it’s taken this to bring us all together to stand up to anyone trying
to exercise their power over our rights as human beings. Maybe it’s because I’m
interested in all this stuff, but I’ve been seeing a lot of campaigns and
inspiration recently about all matters that are finally getting some light; whether
it be speaking up about Mental Health, LGBTQ rights or even animal rights and
sustainability. I just thought I’d share with you the happiness I feel to be in
a world with some really inspirational and important people – these including
the celebrities spreading awareness and forming charities/campaigns as well as
the amazing people like you and me (bloggers or otherwise) doing what they can
to really make a difference. 

Carry on the conversation, I'd love to know your thoughts

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