Hello again, sorry to be so absent lately, been all go out here in Australia! And as I’ve been so distant and busy (+ lack of good wifi) I have another guest post by the brilliant Amy Goldsmith! 

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman who’s getting ready in a rush, will inevitably smudge her mascara all over her lids. Gah, we’ve all been there. One moment you’re chilling and googling funny cat videos because you have three more hours left, the next you’re looking at the watch, suffering through a mini heart-attack, and running to at least find a pair of matching socks. 

It’s funny, one moment you’re this nice, sweet gal, and then next you realize that you’d make your grandmother blush because you’re cursing like a sailor. Dammit, how do those glamorous girls do it? You mean you have to start getting ready on time or something? That’s insane, you’re way too lazy for that. Well, don’t worry, we’re here for you. A few tips from certified lazy gals are waiting, so just keep scrolling.

Good skincare is half the job


It’s very difficult to transform dull, tired-looking skin into something fresh and rosy, even with the help of makeup. You should take care of your skin every day, but it’s especially useful to have good go-to products when you’re in a pinch. Something like Pola Silfique Skincare Cream Foundation is pretty much the perfect hack because it does two things at the same time. It moisturizes your skin and gives it that natural glow, and it covers up the redness and fine lines. Generally, look for products that are multipurpose – hydrating mists that can work as primers and setting sprays, moisturizers that have an SPF, and BB creams. Skincare doesn’t need to have twenty-seven steps to be effective.

Sophisticated minimalism 


Don’t we all love that moment when we open our closet, look at the overflowing pile of clothes, and then declare that nope, we’ve simply got nothing to wear. When you’re in a rush, every outfit combo looks wrong; however, the best way to prevent this is to have at least three backup outfits. A little black dress can go a long way, and you can modify it to make it be suitable for different occasions.

Throw a blazer over it, and you’re astylish working girl. Wear it with over-the-knee boots and you’re a sex bomb, ready for a party. Wear it with a neat little cardigan and a pearl necklace and you’re ready for lunch with your parents. A good pair of jeans is also very versatile, and you can combine them with ankle boots, a sweet lacy shirt, or maybe an oversized sweater. Another fun combo? Black jeans, leather jacket and a simple white shirt. 

Quick glam makeup

It’s always a good idea to have one versatile eyeshadow palette that can let you pull off a multitude of looks.The Too Faced Chocolate Bar paletteis a good example, or their new Peaches and Cream palette that has a lot of nice, warm mattes. If you’re in a rush, blend a dash of warm-toned eyeshadow into your crease to give your eyes some depth, and put a shimmery colour in the inner corner.

Add mascara, comb through your brows and use an eyebrow pencil, and then add a dab of cream blush to your cheeks, and maybe a hint of bronzer to warm up your face. Tinted lip balm, fiery red lipstick, peachy lip gloss – the choice is yours. Simple, quick steps that make a lot of difference. 

What to do with your damn hair?

If you know you’re going somewhere tomorrow, wash your hair the evening before the event and twist your hair up into a tight bun, or plait it into small braids. When you loosen it the next day you’ll have instant soft waves, just add some hairspray. This and other quick hairstyles are lifesavers. Keep your hair clean and nourished and it will always look good. 

The best way to a stress-free way to get ready? Plan ahead. Play with makeup and fashion when you’re not running anywhere and just let your creativity take you wherever it wants to go. You’ll become more skilled, and in turn quicker. Or, you know, keep watching cat videos until the last minute, we’re really the same kind of lazy bums like you. 

If you like these posts by Amy, check out her social media pages @GoldsmithMia or check out her work at highstylife.com



  1. Nora Weheliye
    November 23, 2017 / 4:02 am

    hey, you're right in just getting comfortable with make up and fashion when not doing anything. practice makes perfect.Great readNoranora shares.co.uk

    • Josie Brownlee
      November 24, 2017 / 10:30 am

      Thanks Nora, yes Amy's tips are brilliant!

    • Josie Brownlee
      November 28, 2017 / 5:03 pm

      Ah I hope they do Ellie!

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