So as a uni student and lazy/tight on money individual, I have very little need for ingredients like flour and sugar but on my lie-in, post-exam, lazy Sunday, I was greatly  in the need for some pancakes! And so I came across Banana Pancakes, made of quite literally a banana and 2 eggs! Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it (and also quite healthy!) – and I thought so too, and thought they’d taste awful, but actually I loved them and will definitely make them in the very near future!

So for my first time, they could have gone better and the first few did not work out great, and ended up being splodges of cooked batter (They were still good though, just didn’t make the cut for the photo). 

I whizzed up the 3 ingredients in my fabby blender and attempted a couple, adding a bit of butter to the pan to prevent them sticking to the pan.

I found that the bottom cooked quicker than the top and they were too runny to flip, so I tried adding a tad of a a few bits, so I added a bit of (about a teaspoon) my house-mates self-raising flour, another teaspoon of maca powder and one of chia seeds and then a little bit of protein powder.

I also turned the temperature down on the hob and they worked a bit better! In fact I think for my first go they turned out great, they were healthy, easy, cheap and delicious and will be a nice treat to my next lazy Sunday!

Top with whatever! I found they tasted lovely on their own and any spread took away from the natural banana-ry taste, but I added some fruit to make it look pretty. 


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