Brew and Brownie

So today I had some of the most incredible pancakes I think I’ve ever had!

Above picture from thoroughlyenglish blog post here along with a few more photos of the truly adorable little cafe.

These two below are mine

Dem cakes tho! 😛 

They had a Mars brownie! I think we know what my next order is!

Are you not just dribbling right now?

These American pancakes with Nutella and banana were a dream! It was a stretch ordering a hot chocolate as well which was perhaps a bit too much sugar for one sitting, but goodness those pancakes… golly. 

Now I don’t normally like American pancakes. I’m a big lover of crepes with Nutella and we make crepes and drop scones at home which I love, but whenever we’ve been out for breakfast – admittedly usually in America since I don’t often go out for breakfast here – I haven’t been a fan. Often they are always too sweet or too sugary and always accompanied by golden syrup or fruit puree as oppose to chocolate spread option, which is always my pancake-topper of choice! (*Gasp* No lemon and sugar you ask?) But these beauties were perfect, yes a bit too much to handle, but I gave it a good go and will absolutely go back for more next time! 

These were cooked beautifully and the smell, well no doubt they were the best smelling pancakes ever! It was indeed one hell of a treat, and at around £6, even the everyday student can afford to indulge – it certainly set me up for the entire day! Dare I say they even beat the instagram sensation that is the Bill’s blueberry pancakes (see what I mean about no choccy spread??).

I thoroughly recommend if you’re ever in York/there are any other Brew and Brownie cafes which I do hope there are!



  1. Rachel Hardy
    February 13, 2015 / 8:34 pm

    These look amazing!! I've never actually been out for proper american pancakes, but these look delicious! xx

    • Josie Brownlee
      February 15, 2015 / 12:31 am

      Oh they were, I normally find pancakes out too sickly but these were honestly amazing! x

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