Dear Adolescence…

Dear Adolescence,

I wanted to just write this letter as a sort of message to anyone who is coming into adolescence or puberty or around that age. I guess this is sort of a mini message to my younger self but more aimed at those at that age if any of my readers are that age and want some advice.

I think the main message I wanted to tell you is about today is body confidence. This topic is a huge part of my life and I wanted to talk about it on here instead of always talking about simple stuff all the time, like places to eat and my favourite outfits (I mean, I’ll still talk about those things too), but to add some more content to my blog this year about topics and issues that are important to me and that might be important to some of my readers too. 

So to my 13 year old self (or to any young teens out there), I want to tell you to not mess around with your body. I felt at that age that I wasn’t comfortable in my body shape and size and I thought to myself that ‘the only way I’m going to be more happy in myself is if I take measures to change it’. It’s all around us in a time when weight is a big issue, that in order to feel better in your body you need to eat healthier and exercise more, and so that’s what I thought was what I had to do. 

I’m not saying don’t eat healthy and exercise, of course balance is key, but what I’m saying is, is that I’ve noticed a lot of young teens that I know or have witnessed grow up have changed into beautiful girls whose body’s have naturally taken the right shape without sudden epiphanies causing a complete change of character. Puberty is shit, we all know it, but you don’t have to change anything, you don’t have to change who you are, how you look (I mean experiment with makeup and hair colours all you like – you need some sort of embarrassing pictures to use for your wedding day) or anything else, you are perfect and you need to trust your body.

It’s occurred to me how amazing our bodies really are (sorry cue biology-geek) and that they are constantly doing their very best to ensure we are healthy and happy.

And even though I knew that things change during adolescence (always told at school that it’s the time when your ‘body changes and you become a woman’), I never really thought when I was going through it, that maybe it wasn’t finished. I guess I assumed when I was 14/15, that I had gone through it or that it’d keep getting worse; my body would keep getting bigger and I had to change it fast. What I didn’t think was that my body was still changing and that if I had just left it alone and let it do its thing, my shape would naturally develop into all the beautiful images I aspired to look like. 

Again, there’s controversy in what I thought this was, and that’s a whole different issue to talk about, but now I have much healthier views on beautiful bodies that I wouldn’t mind having (I’m also a lot clearer about it’s unimportance, but let’s face it, how we look does affect the way we feel sometimes, and maybe some other time I’ll blog about all the other qualities and things in life that are way more important) and I’ve realised that I would probably have that now (and saved a lot of time worrying) had I not changed my perfectly healthy lifestyle; nice proper sized meals including all the food groups, dessert every day and regular exercise.

Sorry that turned into a post a lot longer than I anticipated. 

I hope that some of you like this post and whether or not you relate to it, find it helpful or just like the difference in content, I’d love to know your opinions and views on it (either by comment or feel free to email me if you want a chat).


  1. The Nerdy Me
    April 13, 2016 / 7:01 am

    I love the concept of this post. I see a lot of younger girls who talk about diets, gyms and what not every single day and they look beautiful and they still want to change something about it. I think most of them feel pressured to do those kind of things to fit in or something. So glad that there are people like you who spread the message around and try to explain that girls don't need to do all of that to be beautiful :)-Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Josie Brownlee
      April 13, 2016 / 9:08 pm

      Thanks so much Leta, I know what you mean. It starts so young too, and I just want to stop them!

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