So there’s a good few photos on this post cause it was a long holiday (love them ones!) 

We basically jetted off to Florida to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! You heard it correctly! Eeeeeeepppppp!!!

We stayed at the classic Marriott Harbour Lake (we’re basically regulars at the Marriott, cause it’s just the best!)

Look at that sunset!

Can’t beat some banana and walnut bread with granola and fruit and Tropicana orange juice (no bits).

My bro talking to Stan Shunpike and Dre Head (he totally speaks!!)

I can’t tell you how much it all actually looks just how I’d ever imagined! (and exactly like the actual set in the Leavesden Studios just bigger)

“Gringotts was the safest place in the world for something you wanted to hide — except perhaps Hogwarts.”       ~ Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone

These next 2 are from when we ventured off to Sanibel Island on our way to Marco Island;

(Another amazing Marriott I’m afraid)

They have some smashing thunder storms out there!

Our favourite restaurant was called Snook Inn, and it was this lovely little seafood shack on the water and served some scrummy food I do say. And the staff were so lovely and friendly, I really wish I could go back now just looking at that cake!

Me and Mr Alligator

There were also dolphins in the water but the pictures didn’t quite capture them brilliantly but it was truly amazing!

So if you haven’t guessed I kind of recommend this amazing excursion. We went on a little swap boat trip in Marco Island where we saw all the Gators. The island were a nice change in contrast to the theme parks and tourist stuff (we do love it, I do admit) because it was lovely to be off the beaten track and to see some locals and I love the cute little beaches and shacks, and it was quite beautiful!

Thanks again, 

Speak to you soon!


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