It’s a great thing! One of my New Years goals was to take more photos to document things and this week, as it’s been exam week (thank the lord they’re now over!) I’ve had quite a lot of time on my hands (that granted, should be spent revising but a girl’s gotta eat!) so I’ve been actually thinking and almost planning what I’m eating and making some del-icious stuff!!

So here are just some of my creations;

Grilled Halloumi

Toasted pitta strips

Carrot and Cucumber batons 

Caramelized onion hummus (with a scoop out because I just couldn’t wait long enough to take the photo!) 

My new Breville Blend Active blender is superb!! I got it for Christmas because I wanted to make smoothies for my 9am lectures and it is pretty fantastic! Also the bottle you use to blend it in can then be turned into the bottle you can take away with you as shown in the picture above, which is handy for us students who hate washing up!

This smoothie is comprised of 1 banana, a dash raspberry yoghurt, splash of milk, handful of frozen raspberries, some pineapple and a teaspoon of maca powder and chia seeds. Splendid!

So my new found love is sweet potatoes! Oh dear lord why we never ate them back home I have no idea! They are a wonderful, tasty, slightly sweeter, form of potato and healthy too I believe (not that normal potatoes aren’t but I believe sweet potatoes have a bit more fibre and are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals. 

This salad contains;

Iceberg lettuce





honey and mustard dressing

baked sweet potato sticks

Mmmmm risotto! Another food I never used to like, but have recently got into, cause its easy to cook and very very tasty! I just cook the rice (arborio rice) with vegetable stock water for 10 minutes-ish and add whatever to make it super! 

In this bowl I have, sweetcorn, carrots, chicken, bacon, mushrooms and spinach.

Chicken and salad toasted pitta.

Classic student pasta dish; Morrison’s tomato and chorizo sauce pot with a few spoonfuls to Philadelphia light to make it nice and creamy. Add spinach, chicken pieces, assorted frozen veg.

So I’ve been having several salads this week as I bought an iceberg lettuce (twas cheaper than the packet) and I don’t want it to go off as I can’t stand wasting things… especially food!

This potato salad was boiled potatoes cut up (and a add a bit o’ butter), iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bacon and mushrooms and honey and mustard dressing. Beautiful.


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