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Beauty, Culture, Food – Amsterdam has the lot!

After trying to get a trip to Amsterdam booked for a long while, a few friends and I finally decided to just go for it and booked a spontaneous 4 days there in December.

One of my favourite parts about Amsterdam was the absolutely stunning scenery! The blocks of picturesque houses intertwined with the canals make for perfect photos as well as making Amsterdam the ideal city for walking everywhere!

A trip to Amsterdam isn’t quite complete without seeing or indeed taking a boat ride down the canals to see the whole city and all its beauty.

We definitely packed in a lot in our 4 days there and you definitely won’t be short of things to keep you occupied in Amsterdam;


I guess the main tourist points are the brilliant museums in Amsterdam for pretty much everyone. There’s the famous Van Gogh museum displaying the painter’s art, reasons behind them and his life story. There’s the sex museum and the prostitute museum – as well as the hotspot Red Light District – if you’re into all that!

But for me the one that did it was the Anne Frank museum – one I reckon you definitely need to book for (and be early for your slot as the queue gets loooong!). It was almost completely silent and so so surreal to just be standing in it. The information was really interesting – even if you haven’t read the book (although after going to the museum you’ll probably be tempted to read it afterwards!) and really opens your eyes.

Other brilliant things to do include;

Take a trip just outside Amsterdam to Keukenhof to see the tulips (best to go March-April time I think!)

Take a canal boat ride

Visit the I amsterdam signs

Hire bikes – be very careful, they’re EVERYWHERE!

And of course their selection of amazing food! The Dutch are pretty good at fulfilling a sweet tooth with all their amazing treats – so of course we had to play the tourist and get ourselves;

waffles smothered in nutella…

…and all the pancakes!

And as pure avocado lovers, we couldn’t resist the chance to head to the all avocado cafe; The Avocado Show!

A selection of the classic avo on toast as well as avocado pancakes and the biggest dish of nachos ever – most definitely an avocado lovers dream!

To end our trip, two of my friends wanted to try the A’DAM lookout swing so we headed out to the lookout and had a great time looking out over the entire city – and even got a cheeky drink with the ticket price!

There are so many amazing things to do in Amsterdam, these are just a few of the things we got up to. I would love to head back (probably Spring time next) again to explore it even more!

Have you ever visited Amsterdam? What do you recommend?

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