Happy Hump Day to everyone out there! Again sorry for my elongated absence – it’s true that Australian hostel wifi is really not the best, oh and I have been rather busy with all this backpacking malarkey! Hoping to get a few more posts up in the next few weeks though! (But don’t hold me to that)

This post is – as you’ve by no doubt guessed – a guide to some of those not so obvious places in Australia that you really should add to your bucketlist. I’m happy to say I’ve ticked off a few and have now got some more great ideas for when I head a bit further down the coast. This post has been written by the lovely Amy from highstylife.com – a true Aussie and therefore I fully trust that she’s got some good insider’s tips!

Image 1 – Sydney – Featured image, Source

With its stunning natural wonders, vibrant cities and breathtaking beaches, Australia has always been a popular destination among world travellers. While some of the most popular landmarks, such as Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge should definitely be on your to-see list, Australia has numerous hidden gems that you can explore away from the crowds of tourists. 

The wilderness of Cape York Peninsula

At the very tip of Australia lies the narrow peninsula of Cape York, one of the wildest environments in Australia and the world. Cape York Peninsula is a perfect destination for adventure seekers who want to get to know the rugged beauty of Australian wilderness. This part of the country undergoes tremendous changes each year, transforming from dry earth, to red mud and eventually to lush green vegetation. Going on an exciting road trip is one of the best ways to explore this region. Just keep in mind that Cape York is accessible by road only from May to November during the dry season. Following the coastal route, you’ll have an opportunity to explore Cape Tribulation and Daintree Forest, admire the diverse and captivating wildlife and soak in the scenic landscape. If you want to learn more about Australian rich culture, you can go on a ferry ride to Thursday Island to gain a deeper understanding of its aboriginal heritage. 

Image 2 – Cape York, Source

The charms of Noosa

Sunny Noosa is located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coasts and features contrasting landscape of captivating beaches, lush hinterland and picturesque landscapes. You should explore the wonders of Noosa National Park, home to black cockatoos and koala bears hiding in gum trees. Following the lovely forest trails, you’ll be able to soak in the calming beauty of this region and the view of turquoise waters. For a breathtaking view of the entire area, you should hike up to the dramatic cliffs of Hell’s Gates and admire the stunning panorama. Here, you can have a relaxing picnic away from the crowds. Of course, you cannot miss Granite Bay and the mesmerising vista of black granite stones and boulders contrasting the blue sea. Foodies will be delighted by Noosa’s food scene and delicious treats from Massimo Gelateria, while fashionistas should stroll along the Hastings Street and visit its lovely boutiques. Your exploration of Noosa’s charms and coast dotted with numerous hidden havens will be a truly memorable experience not disturbed by hordes of tourists. 

Image 3 – Noosa, Source

The vibrancy of Newcastle

Newcastle represents a smaller and more intimate version of Australia’s most popular destination – Sydney. Located just two hours north from Sydney, the second oldest city in Australia has become a true metropolis, featuring vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches and chic restaurants. Newcastle is a haven for foodies, offering plenty of haute restaurants and cafés, including The Edwards café, Bolton Street Pantry and Subo. Wine lovers shouldn’t miss the Hunter Valley just down the river where they can go on lovely wine tours and savour the rich taste of Australian wine.

Image 4 – Newcastle, Source

A different perspective of Sydney

Being one of the world’s most popular metropolises, Sydney has always been among top choices for an Australian adventure. While it features numerous world-famous landmarks, Sydney also hides beautiful less known gems that will enable you to capture its true spirit. At the Sydney Fish Market, located at Blackwattle Bay in Pyrmont, you can mingle with the locals and buy fresh seafood or attend a cooking class at the Sydney Seafood School. Instead of elbowing your way through crowds at Bondi Beach, you should head to Murray Rose Pool, one of the most beautiful hidden harbour beaches in the city. To avoid the crowds, you should stay at an intimate and stylish boutique hotel in Chippendale, Sydney’s hottest neighbourhood. Here, you can dine in style at Automata or Ester and then have a sneak peek into Sydney’s art scene at White Rabbit or Ambush galleries. 

Image 5 – Sydney (Bondi), Source

Exploring Australia’s less known attractions will enable you to have a truly authentic experience and capture the true spirit of the land down under.

You can check out Amy’s Facebook or twitter (@GoldSmithMia) for more fab posts and be sure to consider adding these tips to your bucket list if you’re planning a trip to Australia (which I urge you to do!)


  1. November 1, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    This is such a well-written post. I have always have Australia on my bucket list. Really appreciate the different not-so-obvious places you have added. Good luck.

    • Josie Brownlee
      November 24, 2017 / 10:31 am

      Yes they're such good tips aren't they – I even used some of them when I was travelling there!

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