Johannesburg, South Africa

One of the routes I was most excited to visit when starting this job was South Africa and luckily enough my very first long-haul trip was to the beautiful town of Johannesburg. As we don’t have a huge amount of time here, the majority of my first trip was spent sleeping and eating – oh my god, the steaks here are something else, and I don’t normally eat steak!


However, my second trip here wasn’t far off and so I headed out with some of the crew to the popular safari experience; Glen Afric.

Our wonderful South African guide took us around their grounds and we saw wild roaming giraffes, zebras, warthogs, monkeys, and plenty more. It was such a spectacular experience and a real ‘pinch myself’ moment.

We were even lucky enough to take part in the elephant experience where a few of the loveliest guides took us to visit and walk with their mother and 2 infant elephants.

I wasn’t 100% sure on this experience at first, and I tried a lot of research to discover how well the animals were treated in such an enclosure as you hear a lot about cruelty in most money-making establishments. And I’m not saying I’m any more clued up on this kind of stuff as the next person and there may be things I don’t know, but I was quite satisfied with the level of care taken with the animals. The guides with the elephants were very wary of the elephants well being, with one of the elephants less comfortable around humans and therefore keeping us away from her in order to make her feel at ease.

Similarly, our guide taking us around the grounds was so knowledgeable on the animals and you could tell that she and few others were the ones who looked after and took care of these beautiful creatures since they were young. She told us in great detail about how the elephants and the big cats (who were in large, albeit very present enclosures) came to be at the Glen Afric Sanctuary and how I would rather all animals be free to roam in the wild, it sounded like this really is a sanctuary where mistreated or abandoned young animals have been rescued and taken to grow up safely.

The grounds were enormous and the animals looked so comfortable.

Due to us being short on time the whole tour was only a few hours (as it took a long drive to get there) but the lodge we arrived at was absolutely stunning and I’m sure staying there would be an incredible experience.

I think a real African safari is definitely a must do when visiting this wonderful country (that and you really have to try the steak!) and I’d love to try an overnight one next time to get the full experience.


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