Loving Yourself!

Hello again to all those Princes and Princesses out there!! Yes you’re all awesome and beautiful!

So this is a continuing of my last post here.

And it’s basically what I’m doing for myself today on Valentine’s Day – although I think I might make this little ritual a regular thing, because no harm can come from loving yourself.

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So this is me completing the list on Rhianna’s post here because I thought it was a great idea and I’m loving it.

Now, I’m lucky enough to still have a lush bath bomb (Sakura – because of our favourite club back home! Shout out to my Lux hoes!) so I took that baby and treated myself to a lovely bath (albeit had to call upon the kettle to heat it up because 12 people in one house uses up a hell of a lot of hot water!). Sorry but this is an old photo so this isn’t the Sakura bath bomb –  I forgot to take a picture. Whilst in the bath I watched a snippet of Hunger Games: Catching Fire (great film) and read some of my book Girl Online, I find I never get time to read at uni (and by read I mean an actual book) so reading in the bath always relaxes me. 

Next on the list was spending time with friends, so (actually this was before my bath) I popped off to lacrosse training (performed terribly as per) and had a good laugh and then met up with a course mate to make a start on our tutorial project (not so fun, but was much better than if I was on my own since we broke out the choccy biccys and cups of tea).

Now, since I am very probably as single as you could possibly get, I couldn’t quite complete the next one but this evening me and the house have got solid plans for a takeaway and film… with hot chocolate of course.

I did also buy a few Lush products (could be my new favourite shop right now) including the King Of Skin body butter bar, and Mask of Magnaminty face mask which I will do a review of later on me thinks. I then proceeded to treat myself to the use of those, unnecessary but nice – and relatively within my budget – little treats.

Jokes ^

What I love about myself:

I’ve got to say this is probably the hardest part, but once you get into it the ideas won’t stop (God I’m awesome!) So if you do nothing else today – MAKE THIS LIST! Here’s just a few (I won’t write all of them down for you) of what I came up with:

My hair (always top of the list)

My desire to help people

My sense of humour

My figure (as much as I deny it and I may post about my struggles in the future, I do look ‘hella good’ sometimes!)

My smile 

My achievements – again I’m drafting a post on this, because I really think that a great way to improve confidence is to reflect on what you’ve achieved in your life individually, because different things have different meanings to every person and achievements aren’t always physically rewarded so it’s important we notice them and reward ourselves.

And many many more…

I’ve got to say it was a good day, since I only really thought about what to do yesterday when I came across Rhianna’s post – it was originally a day dedicated to work (as are all my Saturdays lately), but here is proof you can have a pretty great day with little money spent and no lingering smelly boy moaning about the colour pink and having to buy flowers!


How did you spend your Valentine’s? Did you have fun?

PS Another little thing; if you didn’t dedicate today to loving yourself, do it tomorrow – have a little pamper, treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally and keep that list ever-growing and somewhere you’ll see it everyday! 

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  1. Kelsabelle
    February 17, 2015 / 1:46 am

    This is absolutely a great post 🙂 Hope you have a lovely week.www.kelsabelle.com♡

  2. Josie Brownlee
    February 17, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Thanks very much, you too!!

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