You’re lying if you don’t find this view simply breath-taking! 

For me – controversially – Sydney was my favourite city in Australia when I went travelling! Very, very closely surpassing the amazingness that is Melbourne, the friendliness, the beauty, the sites and the atmosphere, I’m not sure just how to explain it but the minute we touched down it felt like another home.

Having never been to Sydney before, I was lucky that the first time I arrived, I was with my family (parents who funnily enough met there, dad lived there for 3 years and mum the air hostess) the second time my best friend was out to visit and my last time I had a phew buddies off my NZ trip who were studying in Sydney at the time!

Obviously, being back after however many years, dad wanted to revisit the nostalgia and beauty of Manly – town on the North Shore with the most incredible beach! I explained our first few days in Sydney in my Sunrise in Sydney post here if you fancy reading/seeing the photos. This post is focussed on my highlights throughout my various stops in Sydney along my travels.

So number 1, you’ll probably guess is Manly. The gorgeous white beach, the quaint little shops, the actually brilliant market they have in the town on weekends, everything about this town was lovely and I made sure I got to visit it again in my last few days in Australia!

Beautiful coastal walk just left of the ferry terminal shows some beautiful views! ^

If you take a right just before you hit the beach and follow the coast round you come to a lovely little beach called Shelly Beach ^ – and there’s another lovely walk you can take that takes you up into the rocks so you can see off into the sea!

Another quite obvious highlight I guess is – The Sydney Opera House (and the Harbour Bridge). Probably one of the most iconic sites in the world, this incredibly built building for some reason just makes me smile! Unfortunately, me & Liv were unable to get tickets to see anything (since we only knew a few weeks prior that we’d be in Sydney and obviously you have to book hella early!) – but there’s always next time *seductive eye stare emoji*

THA FOOOD! This is certainly not restricted to Sydney tbh – Australia has the best food! From the native TimTam to the Acai bowls and everything in-between, you will most definitely not be disappointed with the array of food (and a lot of INCREDIBLE healthy food at that!) that Australia has to offer! Unfortunately I actually got used to it and had a bit of a shock when I returned home! Exhbit A – the most incredible French Toast as pictured above from La Buvette – a recommendation by our lovely Air BnB host and a must do if you’re ever near Challis Avenue, Potts Point!

Best fro-yo in Manly! ^ (You better believe I picked up a mini cheesecake to go on it!) 

Night Noodle Markets ^ (Ugh what I’d do for that again!)

Another excellent thing about Sydney (also closely matched by Melbourne) were the markets! I love to just browse through markets getting a feel for a new city and it’s people and Sydney had a few really good ones! 

– The Rocks markets – on weekends the area by Circular Quay called The Rocks, has a great market with all sorts of goods, it had quirky (I bought a really cool cork-material purse for Liv), tourist (all things Sydney related), cheap & pricey. It had jewellery, homemade cards, scarfs & clothing and all kinds of artwork (bought my dad a black and white photo of Manly beach for Xmas and he loved it!) 

– Manly Markets – I was really impressed with the appropriate prices on the amazing looking goods at Manly Markets, admittedly I didn’t venture into the Artwork/clothing stalls (there was no way I could bring any of it back in my suitcase packed chocka with TimTams was there?) but the handmade/hand painted pottery and crockery was really cool and I wish I could have brought it all home with me!

– Paddy’s Markets – admittedly not the nicest of markets (reminded me a bit of the ones in China) but a goldmine for all your cheap & tacky souvenirs and Australia t-shirts, as well as jewellery, technology and food (although personally they didn’t appeal to me)

Another highlight of mine was the amazing people of Sydney! Everyone I spoke to while there was super friendly and helpful – offering directions and recommendations all with a friendly smile and it made me feel very welcome!

Anyone else been to Sydney and loved it as much as I did!?

Were there any other things you would recommend going to/seeing? What was your favourite bit about it?


  1. The North Left
    March 24, 2018 / 11:41 pm

    I might hop over to Aus soon, so Sydney is obviously the easiest place to get to from here, so I'll definitely be coming back to this post to help me plan!

    • Josie Brownlee
      March 26, 2018 / 12:16 pm

      Ooh you so should! I hope you like it – let me know if you need any tips!

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