November Favourites


Honeys, the countdown is officially on!

And I thought I’d share a bit of a round-up of some of the bits I’ve been loving this November…

ENGLAND – Yep since I’ve been travelling (although Australia is a bit of a home away from home in that it’s very English – they even have Pimm’s out there!) I have really missed the good ol’ U.K. Even the weather – I know, I’m weird – but I’ve always been a Christmas baby and love anything Autumnal and English in and among that lead-up. And by god is it good to have PG Tips again! Proper English tea, you just can’t go wrong. 

Cadbury’s Tiffin – Now as a self-confessed Dairy Milk addict, I pretty much love anything chocolate related, however this is an actual game-changer! I don’t know if anyone remembers, but years ago Cadbury did a chocolate bar that was Dairy Milk shortcake. This was my absolute fave and mum used to come home from Makro/Costco with massive boxes of the stuff and I’d demolish it easy. It was basically a dairy milk chocolate bar (already amazing) with bits of shortcake biscuit in – like a finger but in a chocolate bar – and it was heavenly. But then they stopped it and it was like the final episode of Friends and my life fell apart – ok slightly exaggerate there. But this Tiffin chocolate bar is an attempt at bringing it back and it has shortcake biscuit along with a few raisins. Delicious.

Crisp Autumnal Days – There is nothing I love more than seeing the sun shining, accompanied by crunchy brown and burgandy leaves and a soft fresh breeze catching my hair and we’ve had quite a few lately which I’ve absolutely been loving!

Chatting with new friends – I’ve met a load of amazing people when I’ve been travelling and although I really miss them all so much and now I’ve downloaded all our wonderful photos I’m missing them even more, I’ve really enjoyed chatting to them all this month. It’s so great to keep in touch and keep updated on what’s going on with them – many still travelling or not living in the UK!

Christmas Shopping! – Duh! Now usually my list is out, ready and conquered by the middle/end of November but since I only just returned from Australia at the beginning of the month, I’ve had to do a bit of catching up and I’m devastated to say I’m still yet to finish! Damn you men in my family that never want anything! 

So there’s a few bits I’ve been loving this month and I can already predict some of my loves for this month so BRING ON THE FESTIVITIES…

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