‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’

I love beaches. Soft sand beneath my feet. Blue waters. And although the weather often doesn’t play ball, I do like the quaint and British-ness of a English seaside. So finally after 3 years of living up north in York, I took a trip over to Scarborough to see the sea.

A lovely, town with a couple of classic shops, there was a slight bustle and lovely crisp air when we went to visit.

It’s quite a beautiful seaside and although it was very breezy with a few grey clouds and dribble of rain (classic British coastline), we had a lovely day just wandering round, taking some scenic shots of the sea!

We avoided the tram and worked our legs a bit going up and down the stairs between the town and the beach.

A classic on any British seaside, the 2p machines, slots and claw grabber machines. Going mid-week, and not the best weather, the place was pretty dead so we didn’t really go in, but for those into that stuff!

We took a stroll up the hill to the Castle with some really gorgeous views over the sea and the town and the weather even brightened up a bit for us too!

And of course you can’t really take a trip to a British beach without contributing to the many Fish ‘N Chippy sales and gorging on those ever so amazing Fish&Chip Shop Chips! And I can say you won’t be short of choice for fish&chips or the occasional ice cream or two!

Has anyone ever visited Scarborough seaside? Or any other British beach? Where’s your favourite?

Carry on the conversation, I'd love to know your thoughts

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