Role Models

We all have different things that are important to us. Different issues, different opinions, views and priorities, which lead us to look up and admire different people. In most cases (as well as various members of family and friends) this includes a number of celebrities out there.

Celebrities’ lives are out there for a lot of us to see, whether we want to know about them or not, we often can’t help but hear or see things about these people.

One issue in looking up to these people is that not all of the information we hear about them is true, or sometimes we only hear good/bad information about them and often we don’t know the whole story behind these stories.

Another issue is the extent to which people admire their role models. Looking up to celebs is harmless, when all it is is ‘looking up to’, maybe buying a cheeky pair of jeans that Lucy Watson wore on Made In Chelsea but when young girls spend all their time worrying and striving to be exactly like what they think certain celebs are like, it gets a bit out of hand.

However, I thought I’d share a few of the people I look up to and admire and some of the reasons why.

Demi Lovato

Starting off with a pretty big one of mine, this girl is – in my view – pretty incredible. Not only is she stunning and has an indescribable voice but she has an immense load of integrity and courage that I like to think I could have if I tried. I have admired her since I was a little girl who first new of Demi from her Disney Channel days. Not long after I developed my mental health problems, I heard about Demi’s problems too. I never really thought about it until she came out of rehab and I researched what she went through. I can’t imagine the courage it took for her to risk everything as she did, as well as to manage to recover (something I’m still struggling to do, so for that I will always admire her). On top of that she is actively doing what she can to help others through what she went through and I just think she is an extremely brave and courageous woman.

Jennifer Lawrence

Now I’m sure I’m not alone in kind of fancying Jennifer Lawrence. As a fan of the Hunger Games myself, I was drawn to Jen through many unshamed hours of YouTube videos in which many hilarious interviews of hers came up. I was attracted to her care-free attitude and hilarious personality and those things have always been quite relevant to me (a shy, worrier with many a sarcastic comment, sometimes to shy to voice) and I admire her for those traits. 

Steph Claire Smith

Now here is one girl, most of you may not be familiar with and who may not be your everyday role model. Steph is an Australian model who promotes healthy eating and a healthy body image. Honestly, I don’t know much about her, never met her and all I know is off social media (snapchat and instagram and the likes) which I normally don’t like to be too influenced by, but, from these platforms I think she’s pretty cool and I’ve noticed that some of what she posts has motivated me both in my eating and fitness habits but has encouraged me to feel better in my body and my skin. 

Giovanna Fletcher

Probably the celebrities I most stalk (on the internet, I’m not that dedicated) and are slightly obsessed with, must be Tom and Giovanna Fletcher. I mean talk about relationship goals! As a fan of Mcfly (and Busted) for as long as I can remember, I have been a huge fan of them all. Therefore I have come to be a fan of Giovanna herself also. I’m not that educated in her life tbh. but from what I’ve seen and read, she is a brilliantly successful woman who is massively caring and seems to have her priorities and views in order! Some important qualities to me.

Emma Watson

Well, I could hardly do a post on role models and not include this absolute babe!! Her and J.K.Rowling have probably been the two role models that I have kept since I can remember (literally since I was about 10!) I don’t really know what to say, except she has been a true inspiration to me through her insane hard work and dedication to her work, whether it be acting or education, as well as to her beliefs and to many people out there, through her charity work and speeches on feminism and much more. Keep inspiring babe, you’re amazing!!

Joanne Rowling

I’ve had to delete some of the other role models I’d chosen, since this post was getting too long, but I just couldn’t bare to leave out the wonderful J.K. I’ve always admired and been inspired by her motivation and passion toward her writing and the incredible courage she must have faced during her life. I can’t imagine the bravery and hard work and perseverance she faced to get to where she is now and for her superb writing talent (giving us Harry Potter and Cormoran Strike etc) and her inspiration, I will always be grateful!

So these are just a handful of the amazing people I look up to and admire for similar although different reasons. I could probably write pages listing all the people I class as role models, all the way from Beyonce and the like, to some inspiring bloggers like Zoella or Beth Norton (but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to read the entire list).

 Personally I think it’s better to admire everyone for different reasons and to be inspired by everyone we meet – whether it be celebrities or just all people in general – than to pick one person we strive to be exactly like at all costs!

Who are some of your role models?



  1. The Nerdy Me
    May 19, 2016 / 1:43 pm

    I have way too many role models, haha. I love your list tho. Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato are also my role models and I admire them so much. I need to mention Lilly Singh, Sawyer Hartman (even through he is a man but he doesn't stop inspiring me), my mother, of course, and I cannot not to mention Harry Styles. He's one of the most wonderful people on the Earth :)-Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • j
      May 20, 2016 / 9:33 pm

      Always good to have too many role models I think! Yes absolutely, anyone inspiring, haven't heard of him – just watched his new video though and it looks amazing! Of course, my mum is definitely one of my main inspirations, along with a lot of my family and friends!

  2. Serena Reidy Books
    September 27, 2016 / 12:48 pm

    These are such great models! Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson and J K Rowling would also be on my list.

    • Josie Brownlee
      September 27, 2016 / 3:57 pm

      Thanks Serena! They're such inspirations to me!

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