Seattle, Washington

To align with my new found investment into the Greys Anatomy series (I know I am beyond late to this game), I had a fitting trip to Seattle a few weeks ago and although this city was not on my bucket list, we had a great time and there’s a few bits I’d like to go back and do!


The weather – though pretty cold in end of October – actually held up pretty well. Despite the forecasted rain, the skies stayed blue(-ish) for us and the autumnal trees were still lovely shades of brown & red!

On the tourist-side of things, we decided to hit up all those ‘Instagrammable’ spots that are conveniently all located among the streets of Pike Place. After exploring the Pike Place Market & Fish Market searching for The Great Bubble Gum Wall, we finally found it down an alley-way in the market (admittedly following another group of tourists). I’m proud to say I managed to blow my first bubble (courtesy of a pack of Watermelon & Strawberry Hubba Bubba we picked up from CVS) and joined the other hundreds of weirdos who have contributed to this colourful, yet disgusting mural of saliva!

Then, since we were up at stupid o’clock from jetlag, we ventured around the corner, over to find the Original Starbucks coffee shop, established in 1971, for some nice warm Christmas drinks!

Really tiny, compared to most Starbucks, the interior was like a modern Starbucks aside from the original, old-fashioned name & logo and the gold plaque inside.

Old-fashioned coffee aside – I can confirm that the Christmas drinks this year are stella!

One of the best bits was, of course, the famous Pike Place Farmers Market – showcasing all the fruit, food, coffee, and leading into the locals market selling jewellery, clothes the works!

And of course all the local fish displayed and you might the fishmongers showing off a bit by throwing the fish around the market in an entertaining skit. Seattle, being so close to the water, is known for it’s fresh fish and so sampling the incredible Clam Chowder or Fish tacos from one of the market’s vendors or restaurants is a must – particularly if the sun’s out and you can bag a spot overlooking the water!

Another great spot to visit, is the Seattle Space Needle, which is basically another very tall tower with a round viewing platform at the very top, offering some gorgeous views over the city and the nearby mountains!

My final destination – after a spot of morning Christmas shopping – was the Amazon headquarters. Another crew member recommended them and so I went for a stroll around the blocks and came across them while they were on what looked like their lunch break! A brilliant atmosphere and a pretty cool place to work I’d say – there was even a dog park outside (as public aren’t allowed in – or at only certain times) for employees to take their dogs!!

Unfortunately, we hadn’t pre-planned much due to the poor weather forecast but there’s still a bit I’d quite like to do, given another trip to Seattle. The nearby national parks – Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier look incredible (just give them a google) and are just a few hours from downtown Seattle. I do love a national park, so it would be fab to visit them next time!

Similarly, a famous past-time in this area of North America is a trip in a seaplane! Having seen them fly but not able to take a trip when we were in Vancouver last year, it would be lovely to have a chance to fly in one on a trip someday. However, the weather conditions have to be right to fly, but I’ll try again next time.

Finally, another big recommendation was to go orca whale watching (either by boat or seaplane) but this trip of ours was just outside the whale watching season which is June to September. I’ve heard incredible things though and I would be honoured to get the chance to do this next time I’m in Seattle!


All in all – a lovely trip! Has anyone else been to Seattle? Any recommendations on things to do there?



  1. Leta
    November 19, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    Seattle looks lovely! That bubble gum wall is something else. I see why it is so attracting to contribute to it but man, when you think about all the saliva and germs, haha. Anyway, it’s a bummer that the forecast wasn’t on your side but hopefully you’ll get to explore more of Seattle soon 🙂

    – Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • josiebrownlee
      November 24, 2018 / 11:16 am

      Thanks Leta! Yes it’s pretty disgusting when you think about it! Had to be done though, haha!

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