Setting Sail for the Whitsunday Islands

Well Hello again to everyone!

After a very elongated leave of absence (I gave up attempting to blog when travelling in the end, far too busy and far too expensive to find decent wifi!) I’ve returned to the ol’ Great Britain and FINALLY downloaded all the millions of photos and videos I’ve been taking over the last 3 months!

SO today’s post is about the incredible sailing trip to the Whitsunday Islands off Airlie Beach in Queensland and why it needs to be high on your list of things to do in Australia!

Now one of the ongoing discussions between travellers will inevitably be ‘Ooh which boat are you going on?’ and you’ll get a few of the classic ‘Clipper’ (party boat!) or the ‘Tongara’ (couples boat) and then you’ll get a tonne of other boats which you’ll never heard of before and that will most probably all be similar in experience!

Now I can’t speak for any of the others you’ll have to research them yourself, but my boat was the New Horizon and by golly it was fantastic!! And here’s why…

First off you’ll jump on your boat (Goon & all!) mid-afternoon, meet your crew and set sail out into the big blue ocean! By the time you’ve all done your introductions (I think we had roughly about 30 on our boat) made some buds and maybe popped the alcohol already, you’ll pitch up somewhere calm and before dinner they might even set up the diving board for a few dips in the water!

Next day, after much drinking and games through the night, bright and early you’ll be woken for breakfast by the opening to The Circle of Life ~ The Lion King. 

You’ll then be taken off for a morning at the whitest, most beautiful beach in the world, that will surely ruin every other beach experience you’ll have in your life (but it’ll be so worth it!): Whitehaven Beach!

7km of stunning, 98% silica sand is incredible to stroll along! The sand’s properties retain the heat so the water and the sand were lovely and warm even in the morning in a Queensland winter *rolls eyes at poor attempt at winter*

 Then after a spectacularly relaxing morning, listening to music, splashing around on the beach and feeling pretty content with life, we then headed out into the big blue once more for some awesome snorkelling (with the option to dive).

Now I’m not going to sugar coat it – the Great Barrier Reef isn’t what it used to be! The bleaching caused by climate change has really damaged the coral and resulted in fewer fish. It’s a terrible thing to witness to be honest. And it’s definitely a reminder that we need to all pull together and make the effort to help the planet as much as we can! 

However, if anyone’s been watching Blue Planet 2 (if you haven’t, it’s awesome!) you’ll know that there’s still hope and coral can regenerate if we let it and if we continue to do our bit not to damage it even more!

We then went back onto the boat, had a wonderful dinner and drank and laughed and played stupid games! 

Unfortunately, the trip is only 2 days 2 nights, so we had to head back to Airlie Beach the next day but not before the best bit of the trip! The crew brought out everything, we had a diving board, paddle boards, even an inflatable slide – there was even the roof for a spot of last minute sunbathing!

All in all, one of my Australia highlights! All the group, the crew, the activities, the weather, the beauty was just incredible and I can’t believe how lucky I was to get the chance to go there and experience this! I can’t recommend enough!

Anyone else visited the Whitsundays? What did you like most?

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