Good morning my sweeties!

Today’s post is all about a few days spent away with my best friend, down in Falmouth a few weeks back.

We stayed with my family and chilled with them for a bit when the weather wasn’t so great, but when we were out and about here’s what we got up to.

We drove all the way, windows down, my roadtrip playlist on full volume… 

We spent the first day at Swanpool beach. We wandered on down to Guyllingvase and took a nice walk round to Swanpool, probably about 10 minutes, and then spent a few hours rock pooling and climbing over the rocks. We sat and ate our fruit in a little alcove when it rained. We took pictures and videos and watched the sea crash and some students having SUP boarding lessons.

Before we left we then went for a lovely coffee at Guylly cafe as tradition. As always they do marvellous coffees particularly their mochas, we even went for a chocolate milkshake and asked for a shot of coffee and it was to die for!

That night we enjoyed a lovely meal with my family at Prezzo in Falmouth town. I endulged in the Roasted Pork Belly with green beans, mushrooms, butternut squash and marsala sauce with minted baby potatoes! And I’m telling you, there was not one speck of food left on my plate, it was divine!

And I may or may not have also scoffed down the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake!

(My mate had the steak flatbread salad, with red onion, cherry tomatoes, beetroot, peppers, rocket and bella lodi cheese in a lemon and mustard dressing – yum!

The next day we took a walk down to town, after having breakfast in this adorable cafe called Good Vibes Cafe, that we loved so much we had to pop in again for another breakfast before we went home. We had the Granola with yoghurt and berry coulis – top notch, and massive! Also the Vegetarian breakfast, which was my fave. It came with granary or sourdough toast, avocado, 2 eggs, mushroom, tomato and a mini bowl of all sorts of beans in a tomato sauce! Really it was delicious!

We wondered on through town, since the weather held up but wasn’t quite nice enough to lounge at the beach. I do love the Falmouth town with it’s coloured bunting coating the shops and the new independent shops I’ve never seen before. Due to the seasonality I do notice the new shops each year, however some of the places there at the moment have superb branding and we went past a good few. both of us thinking ‘OK we have to go there!’

One of the funky looking shops we browsed in was called Wild Pony. (Love the logo) It was a little shop, and may be a chain but I’ve never seen one anywhere else, with quite nice shirts and jumpers and things. It only had one of each item which made it look like a charity shop but I don’t think it was, and all the items were really nice and good quality. I bought a really nice (currently my favourite and can’t take it off) American sweat-type jumper for just £20! And it’s sooo soft and comfy!

That night we fully intended on having a nice night on the town, you know like normal 19 year old girls. However, we went out a bit early, around 10, intending on taking a nice long walk round the park and down to town and have a drink (however it rained so we went straight to town and found shelter in Tesco). Therefore at this time nothing was really ‘buzzing’ and we were quite tired, so we proceeded to purchasing Cadbury doughnuts and Skips from Tesco and sitting by the harbour having deep conversations for a few hours! To be fair, it was lovely.

On our final day, the sun blessed us with it’s beaming presence and so we took off to Guyllingvase Beach all day, lounging on our towels reading and chatting and soaking up the sun rays!

And to end our trip we grabbed some Harbour Lights fish and chips and went back to eat them on the beach watching the sunset. Bliss.

As always, I had a wonderful time down in Cornwall as I always do. Being so close to the beautiful beach, I am lucky to have family down there and it was so wonderful seeing them again.

Anyone else been to Cornwall? Or Falmouth?

What did you think?

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