Trek Bars!*

Anyone ever tried Natural Balance Foods TREK protein flapjacks?

I’ve seen these about in the shops but they never really appealed to me, however I am a lover of Natural Balance Foods Nakd bars! So when I got these through the door, I was excited to give them a go.

Now my exams have just about finished (Wahoo!) and I’m sure many of yours have too, I have been using these as a good boost of energy during my exams and to stop me reaching for the digestives. So if you’ve still got exams to go (… keep on going!) one of these could be perfect for a little healthier boost to stop your tummy getting rumbly in the silent hall!

At first the taste was a bit different, but I’ve demolished half the box already because I just wanted to try all the different flavours and now I eat at least one a day and I carry one with me everywhere! They’re so good!

Flavours include (in order on photo):

Morning Berry

Cocoa Coconut

Cocoa Oat

Banana Bread

Oat Raisin

Original Oat

My favourites; Morning Berry and Original Oat
No my fave: Cocoa Coconut (though only because I don’t like coconut – my housemate and my brother loved it)

These are really good healthy bars so I don’t feel at all guilty for munching on them throughout the day!

Facts (I stole from the website):

They’re all gluten and wheat free

Dairy free (except for the chocolate ones)

There’s 9-10g of protein in each bar

Handmade in Britain

Vegan friendly

GM free

Traces of soya, peanuts and other nuts

Opinion (by me, I promise); they’re really tasty and I can’t put them down! It helps reduce cravings for other chocolate and treats because it’s basically a healthy flapjack. They taste quite cinnamon-y and obviously have they’re different flavours but overall I really recommend!

They have more ingredients on the back than they do with the Nakd Bar but they claim (and I’ve heard good things) that these protein flapjacks are made of 100% natural ingredients and are totally healthy for me to nibble on morning till night!!

Anyone tried these? What do you think of them?


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